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Huge thanks to everyone that made it to my exhibition at Bankside Gallery last week. I had a blast exhibiting with Paul Catherall whose bold, angular prints were the perfect accompaniment to my furniture.

Bankside 1

Bankside 2

Bankside 3

We were treated to plenty of kind words from visitors, as well as the good folk at Wallpaper Magazine:

Hopefully we’ll pair up again sooner rather than later.

All the best – Andy


Wormhole Cover V2

It’s official. I’ll be exhibiting some new and existing pieces at the Bankside Gallery next June. If you fancy taking a break from seeing England being humiliated in the World Cup, pop along – it’s free entry.

Huge thanks to Joe Gardner for sorting the slick artwork. Check out his portfolio at:


Much thanks to Ben at Receptive Media for sorting the new site. Looking fresh!